Welcome to UnbelievaBoat

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So, what does this bot do?

  • Moderation (yep, like all other bots Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―)
  • Money (each server has it's own economy)
  • Casino / Gambling Games
  • Earn money from chatting
  • Tribes (Raids!)
  • Other stuff that I've forgotten about

How to Earn Money?

  1. Contribute to chat in text channels (if it's been enabled in that channel) -> This doesn't mean spam!
  2. Play Games -> See below for game commands.
  3. Be a slut... Use the command slut to get some quick dirty cash.
  4. If being a slut isn't your thing, you can work instead using the command work.
  5. If you're feeling more risky, you can commit a crime instead using the command crime. This has a higher risk of failing, but also a higher payout.
  6. Deposit money to the bank to earn interest and keep it safe. See the current interest rate using bank.

What to do with Money Earned?

  1. Use it as bets for games to earn even more money.
  2. Purchase something from the store
  3. Give it to another member? idk
  4. Show off


All commands much be initiated with the prefix. By default this is !. You can also @mention the bot. For example !help or @UnbelievaBoat#1046 help.

The syntax of the command usage is: Optional parameter: [] Required parameter: <>. DO NOT INCLUDE THESE WHEN TYPING THE COMMAND

member means an @mention or typing the member's name. Both @UnbelievaBoat#1046 and Unbelievable Bot are valid member.

Some commands can only be used by Server Admin, Mod Role or Bot Commander. Note: Server Admin also has Mod Role & Bot Commander permissions.


Any abuse of the request commands will = blacklist tbh. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

Command Description Usage
help Get a link to this page and the support/official server help
prefix Shows or sets the command prefix. Server Admin required to set prefix prefix [prefix]
invite Gives you an invite link to add this bot to your server invite
donate If you're enjoying the bot, and would like to donate. This gives you the PayPal and Patreon link donate

request-feature Request a feature you'd like adding. This command can only can be used in official server. request-feature <feature description>


Setup UnbelievaBoat for your server, all settings are, by default, disabled.

Command Description Usage
create-muted-role Creates the muted role for use with the mute command Mod Role create-muted-role
set-muted-role Uses an already created muted role for the mute command Mod Role set-muted-role <role>
view-setup Used view the current setup of the bot on your server view-setup

enable-agree Require new members to type agree in the welcome/guest channel Server Admin enable-agree <channel> [message]
enable-bot-commander Set the role that can use Bot Commander commands Server Admin enable-bot-commander <role>
enable-log-channel Set the channel to keep a history of mod moderation actions like kick, ban Server Admin enable-log-channel <channel>
enable-mod-role Set the role that can use Mod Role commands Server Admin enable-mod-role <role>
enable-welcome Add a welcome message to send when a new member joins Server Admin
Tags: {user} {server}
enable-welcome <channel> <message>
enable-leave-message Add a leave message to send when a member leaves Server Admin
Tags: {user} {server}
enable-leave-message <channel> <message>
enable-whats-new With this enabled, any announcements on new features will go straight to your server. Server Admin enable-whats-new <channel>

disable-agree No longer require new members to type agree in the welcome/guest channel Server Admin agree-disable
disable-chatbot Disables chatting with the bot Server Admin disable-chatbot
disable-bot-commander Disables Bot Commander only commands being used by this role Server Admin disable-bot-commander
disable-log-channel Disables logging mod actions, this doesn't delete the actual channel Server Admin disable-log-channel
disable-mod-role Disables Mod Role only commands being used by this role. Server Admin disable-mod-role
disable-welcome Disables the welcome message for when a user joins Server Admin disable-welcome
disable-leave-message Disables the leave message for when a user leaves Server Admin disable-leave-message
disable-whats-new Disables announcements to the channel Server Admin disable-whats-new


All things money related. Channels are locked by default.

Command Description Usage
bank Displays how much The Bank has and the current interest rate bank
money Displays the money you, or another member, have earned money [member]
slut Whip it out to earn extra money πŸ† (cool-down) slut
work Instead of whipping it out, you can work instead (cool-down) work
crime Commit a crime πŸ‘€ This has a higher payout, but also higher risk of failing (cool-down) crime
deposit Deposit money to the bank deposit <amount or -all>
withdraw Withdraw your money from the bank withdraw <amount or -all>
leaderboard Displays the richest in your server. leaderboard
give-money Give your money to another member. give-money <member> <amount or -all>

add-money Add money to a member's cash Bot Commander add-money <member> <amount>
remove-money Remove money from a member's cash Bot Commander remove-money <member> <amount>
set-interest-rate Set the interest rate of the bank (between 0 - 15) Bot Commander set-interest-rate <rate>
set-cooldown Set the cooldown between using slut/work/crime commands Bot Commander set-cooldown <hours>
set-currency Change the currency symbol to any set of characters you want (e.g. set-currency unbelievable bot) Bot Commander set-currency <new currency>
lock Disable money earning from chatting in a channel Bot Commander lock [channel]
lock-all Disable money earning from chatting on all channels in the server Bot Commander lock-all
unlock Enable money earning from chatting in a channel Bot Commander unlock [channel]
reset-economy Pretty much what it sounds like. USE WITH CAUTION Server Admin reset-economy


Command Description Usage
blackjack Play a game of blackjack for money
(1 Player)
blackjack <bet>
roulette-info Displays information about the roulette roulette-info
roulette Play a game of roulette for money
(1+ Players)
roulette <bet> <space>
russian-roulette Play a game of Russian roulette for money
(2-6 Players)
slot-machine Play a round with the slot machine with coins purchased
(1 Player)
slot-machine <Nº of coins>
cock-fight Place your bets and send your chicken off to fight
(1 Player)
cock-fight <bet>
greyhound-race Bet & pick which greyhound you think will win the race
(1+ Players)
greyhound-race <bet> <greyhound #>

set-game-cooldown Set the how many times a game can be played in x seconds Bot Commander set-game-cooldown <usages> <duration>


A tribe gives you your very own private text channel and role to chat with fellow tribe members.

Command Description Usage
create-tribe Create your own tribe! e.g create-tribe 'unbelievable peeps' pink create-tribe <tribe name> [colour or #hex]
join-tribe Join an existing tribe, you can only be in one tribe per servers join-tribe <tribe name>
leave-tribe Leave the tribe you're in leave-tribe
list-tribes Display a list of all tribes in the server list-tribes
tribe-bank View the balance of the tribe bank tribe-bank
tribe-deposit Deposit your money to the tribe bank tribe-deposit <amount>
tribe-store View the weapons and armour you can buy for your tribe tribe-store [page]
tribe-inventory View the weapons and armour your tribe has tribe-inventory [page]

tribe-kick Kick a member from your tribe Tribe Owner or Server Admin tribe-kick <member>
tribe-ban Ban a member from your tribe (Currently no unban so use with caution) Tribe Owner or Server Admin tribe-ban <member>
rename-tribe Rename your tribe (must be done in tribe channel) Tribe Owner or Server Admin rename-tribe <new name>
delete-tribe The tribe creator can delete their tribe.
This removes all tribe members, the role and the text channel
delete-tribe <tribe name>

set-tribe-cost Set how much tribes cost for members to create in your server Server Admin set-tribe-cost <amount>
set-tribe-income Set the amount you want tribes members on your server to get every 12 hours Server Admin set-tribe-income <amount>
create-weapon Create a weapon for tribe owners to buy for tribe raids Server Admin create-weapon
create-armour Create armour for tribe owners to buy to protect you for tribe raids Server Admin create-armour
remove-weapon Delete a weapon from the tribe store Server Admin remove-weapon <name>
remove-armour Delete armour from the tribe store Server Admin remove-armour <name>
tribe-raid Raid another tribe on your server, the success of the raid is calculated using the equipment and number of members both tribes have tribe-raid <tribe name>


Command Description Usage
view-blacklist View users on the blacklist (use argument -g for global blacklist) view-blacklist [global argument]
view-case View details on a case view-case <case id>
profile Displays your profile, or the profile of any user profile [member]
server-info View statistics about your server. server-info
stats Displays some statistics about unbelievable bot stats
punishments View your, or another user's punishments punishments [member]


Command Description Usage
buy Buys an item at the store (put the name in quotes if more than 1 word) buy-item <'item name'> [amount to buy]
item-info Displays more details on an item item-info <item name>
inventory Displays the items you have in your inventory inventory <page> [member]
store Displays the price of all items store [page]
server-store Displays items that are just for your server server-store [page]
use-item Removes 1 of the named item from your inventory use <item name>
use-item-all Removes all of the named item from your inventory use-item-all <item name>
sell-item Sell your items to another member (5 mins to accept) sell-item <member> <'item name'> <amount> <price>

create-item Add a new item to your server store Bot Commander create-item
remove-item Removes an item from your server store Bot Commander remove-item <name>

Moderation Mod Role

Used to moderate your server.
(This will be updated accordingly when Discord Audit Logs ~~are released~~ can be tracked)

Command Description Usage
ban Bans a member from the server ban <member> <reason>
blacklist-add Prohibit a user from using unbelievable bot commands in your server blacklist-add <member>
blacklist-remove Remove a user from the command blacklist blacklist-remove <member>
launch-cybernuke Bans all members that have joined recently, with new accounts Server Admin launch-cybernuke <member age> <account age>
kick Kicks a member from the server kick <member> <reason>
mute Mutes a member from the server (prevents sending messages and speaking in voice) mute <member> <length in hours> <reason>
purge Deletes messages. Limit is capped at 100. purge [limit] [member, -users or -bots]
rm-punish Removes a punishment [mute / warn / kick / ban] from the database. rm-punish <case id> [reason]
unmute Un-mutes a member from the server (allows sending messages and speaking in voice) unmute <member> [reason]
warn Gives member a warning for breaking the rules warn <member> <reason>


Wanna know what the weather is somewhere?

Command Description Usage
weather Get the weather weather <location>

Command Selection

Any command or group of commands can be disabled using enable or disable.

Command Description Usage
groups List all command groups groups
enable Enables a command or command group Server Admin enable <command/group>
disable Disables a command or command group Server Admin disable <command/group>